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St. Mary's Church

Slovenian Cultural Institution (est. 1906)
Inducted on November 30, 1996

St. Mary of the Assumption Church, led by eight pastors of Slovenian descent, has been a focal point for Cleveland-Style Polkas through its first ninety years. Bonding with the Slovenian-American community, St. Mary's housed Collinwood's original Slovenian Home, domiciled the Slovenian choir originally called Ilirija, and taught the Slovenian language to students of all ages. Overcoming setbacks and tragedies, St. Mary's parishioners built a school and parish house in the 1920s, fostering their religious and cultural heritage, and broke ground for St. Mary's current edifice in 1956. When the flock began dispersing to the suburbs, Reverend Victor Tome held the parish together retiring debt, working for the canonization of Slovenian missionary Bishop Frederick Baraga, and supporting other Slovenian institutions. Since 1987, Reverend John Kumse has maintained St. Mary's unique tradition and identity as one of America's significant Slovenian-American institutions.

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