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Andres, Eddie

When Eddie Andres switched careers from to full-time musician, he soon made a niche for himself on the Cleveland polka scene. He and his Cordovox accordion became one of the area's first one-man bands, entertaining several nights each week. At the opening of Debevec's Chalet Debonne winery in 1972, the excited audience called out "Eddie, Eddie,Eddie." From that time on he was known as Three-Times Eddie.

Eddie started playing the accordion in public 60 years ago. He formed his first band,"The Three Notes" in 1946. In the 1950s, Eddie played the eastside polka circuit, including Tino's Lounge, Podboy's Lounge, Gorse'sTavern, Dana's Cafe, the Caboose Bar, Fritz's Tavern, the Spotlight, and Yankovic's Steak House. He joined the Ernie Benedict band for four years, and recorded with the group, in the 1960s.

Eddie's enthusiasm for polka music also prompted him to become a regular writer for several publications, includng Polka Scene, Polka World, Polkarama, and his own monthly polka newsletter. Declining health caused Eddie to curtail his music career in January, 1994, but he continues to promote polka music.

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