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Kozel, Jim

Accordionist, Bandleader and Director (1927)

Jim Kozel likes to play polkas "Nice and Easy." He wrote a polka and recorded an album with that title. In the mid-1940s, he performed with Chuck Smith's band, and was heard on a weekly radio program. He traveled with Frankie Yankovic's band, while attending college. With Georgie Cook's band, Jim recorded on Decca records, including some of his tunes, the Keystone Polka and the Five Points Polka.

An architect by profession, Jim helped to design the Polka Hall of Fame. He served as the music director of the Polka Hall of Fame Awards Show for 11 years. Jim is a founding trustee of the American Slovenian Polka Foundation, serving 15 years.

Founding Trustee
Inducted November 30, 2002

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